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Perfection in Bonsai

In Bonsai, we strive for not just good technique, but perfect technique. Let me explain. In Japanese culture, discipline is fundamental. It is even more valued than intelligence. For example, If you have ever watched a tea ceremony, you will notice that it is methodical, intentional, and calculated. Same goes for the art of Kendo […]

Water 3 ways

Lets talk about something that all bonsai trees, or any life for that matter, cannot live without. Water. In all plants, water is not only a conveyor of nutrients, it is also a cooling liquid that helps the plant to resist wilting in hot summer days. Without water, nothing lives. But not all water is […]

The Philosophy of Bonsai

When I first started studying the art of bonsai, I was awed with the complexities, and at the same time, the simplicity of it all. It’s like the tree was a Yin and Yang thing, simple but complicated, technically difficult but yet simple in its execution. It was almost mind boggling. As a beginner, it […]