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Water 3 ways

Lets talk about something that all bonsai trees, or any life for that matter, cannot live without. Water. In all plants, water is not only a conveyor of nutrients, it is also a cooling liquid that helps the plant to resist wilting in hot summer days. Without water, nothing lives. But not all water is […]

Re-potting a root bound tropical bonsai (Video)

The tree I’m working on in the video below is a tree from one of my clients. This is the first time I touch this tree. 8 to 10 years ago my client had someone re-pot this tree. Now as I come to work on it, I find that the tree is severely root bound, […]

Air-layering technique

Spring temperatures will be arriving soon here in Florida, and when that happens then it’s time for air-layering. What does that mean? Air layering is probably the least stressful way to propagate trees. Most trees with woody trunks are good candidates for this technique, however, fast growing tropicals such as Ficus (benjamina, green island, retusa, […]